We offer a wide range of workshops from

Clicker Training, Bee Keeping and Foraging

Clicker Training 101

Sign up and experience the method of teaching your animal by using only positive reinforcement. We will have a short intro on the theory behind clicker training and then get right into it.  You will have hands on practice with your individual animal, whether it’s a horse or a donkey.

This method translates to all animals even humans if they’re offered the right reward!


  • Maximum 6 people.
  • Duration: 2 hr
  • Cost: $150


Coffee and Tea available, please no take out coffee cups or bottled water.

Bee Keeping 101

If you’ve ever been interested in keeping bees, there’s a few things to know before you consider it for your backyard.  We’ll first go over some basics on equipment and tools and then get into the hive to see how they operate. 

Everyone will be suited up so there will be no bees losing their lives by stinging you!

  • Maximum: 4 people
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: $100 

Building A Birdhouse

Bird feeders are great for attracting different birds but a bird house gives you an opportunity to see how birds rear their young and you can watch them fledge.

Spend an afternoon building your own birdhouse.

  • Maximum: 6 people
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Cost: $150

Coffee and Tea provided, please no take out cups

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We offer a large range of workshops from Clicker Training, Bee Keeping and Foraging


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