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There are times when tragedy strikes and the only way to deal with the grief is to make changes. At the end of 2022, the matriarch of the farm, a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred Sky died of colic. This was her home for 9 1/2 years. During that time, Sky rose to the top of everyone’s list. She had the power to get the entire herd running around the track and also stood guard so others could fall asleep in the sun. She taught me to take the bit out of her mouth and use a saddle that fit her perfectly. She inspired me to recognize the unique intelligence and empathic nature of equines. Sky will always be felt at a hay feeder, kicking up her hooves in the pasture, rolling in her favourite spot or grooming some lucky donkey.

I made a promise to everyone here that they will never leave this farm. I went back on my word with Sky and she never came back. In honour of her, we have designed a rehab centre that will be used for anyone who needs surgery or just a safe place to recover from an injury or illness. This area will allow them to recover in a larger, more comfortable space than a stall and still be able to hang out with their friends. It will have easy access for veterinarians and will be an insulated and clean environment.

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