Carlisle Creek Woodworks

We can mill most logs into dimensional lumber, finishing boards or beams..

We also have stock of rough cut cherry and black walnut in various sizes. 

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After moving to our farm 10 years ago, we experienced the ice storm of 2013. 

Many trees came down and much of our wood lot was in tatters. 

I felt terrible just chopping most of the logs up into firewood. 

I wanted the fallen mature trees to live on. 

I watched several YouTube videos of people with small portable sawmills cutting beautiful boards from these logs and thought, hey, I can do that.

With the planet changing and violent storms becoming more of the norm, there is an increasing number of older trees coming down in urban and rural settings. 

These are the trees that I will mill as I don’t believe a healthy, normal tree should be taken otherwise.

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We offer a large range of workshops from Clicker Training, Bee Keeping and Foraging


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We offer the milling of dimensional and live edge lumber.  We provide new and reclaimed wood and offer custom millwork.

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