Animal Bio

Meet the Herd

The CCF Herd is a combo of large and small donkeys, horses…then there are the chickens, cows, dogs and cats. They basically have the run of the place which allows them to hang out with whomever they want or chill out on their own. Newt enjoys his alone time.

I’ve written their bios in the first person to try and convey their unique personalities.

I have referred to myself as the mother of everyone here at the farm. I looked up the meaning of being a mother in Websters…. “A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children.” I used to be a Montessori teacher…Maria Montessori stressed the importance of observing the students in their environment every day. It was tough to carve out 20 minutes between lessons but I began to love sitting in my comfy chair just watching and listening. It’s the same at the farm. They are constantly interacting and communicating with each other. Their individual personalities come out when they don’t feel stress and anxiety.

Friends have described sleepless nights worrying about their kids, feeling a sense of fear for their future, anxiety when their kid gets sick or has issues with friends. I feel all of these things every day.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to see each animal evolve, make new connections, become more confident and less edgy when humans approach them. I’ve been told that maybe I’m being anthropomorphic. If I hadn’t spent so much time with them I wouldn’t have known that they feel everything we do and more. They have excellent memories, especially donkeys so don’t wrong them, it’ll take a long time winning back their trust!

Present Day


I’m a handsome 15.1 hand  standardbred.  I own this place, I’ve been here since the beginning and I plan on staying till the end.  My life is good here. 

Everyone looks up to me, even my mom, she saved me from dying…I cut a tendon in my leg and I almost died a few of times.  

Losing Sky was the worst day of my life.  

But now I have to take the reins and protect this farm. 

Some would call me the king of the minis…I’d say yes…I am.  I’m really cool and have these awesome blue eyes.  I am white and brown and I have cushings but it doesn’t bug me. 

I had really sore hooves for a long time but my mom tried everything to help me, and I feel much better.  I’m really happy here and I love clicker training and driving, I’m very smart and handsome and an all around great guy.

I arrived at the farm lame and in a lot of pain.  I was really down.  No one ever wanted me or made me feel special.  Then I came here and I finally found some friends for the first time in my life. 

I have lots of hay and 2 good meals a day and a LOT of freedom to roam.  Grissini has a huge crush on me, I’m ok with that.  My mom promised me that I’ll never leave her side. 

I’m Binks’ bro.  We knew each other on the track, I came here a few months after him, I was really out of sorts and wasn’t a great guy to be around.  I was angry at the world….well, humans.  

Things got better…I haven’t been locked in a stall or pulled a cart since! My mom thinks I’m smart and intuitive and kind deep down. 

ND - Team Charlie | Animal Bio - Carlisle Creek Farm

I’m about half the size of Binks but I’m actually a draft horse, real big and real strong.  Chester and I are good buds and now Freddie’s pretty fun to tease and hang in with. 

I had no friends before and stayed in a garage, I couldn’t stand humans.  My new humans are different and they care about me.  I love running everywhere and the food’s pretty great.

ND - Team Maverick | Animal Bio - Carlisle Creek Farm

Or as my mom calls me ‘Mavs’.  I was the first mini here so I think I’m cooler than Tucks.  I’m younger too.  Mom got me from a far away place that was tiny and sad.  I was pretty frisky when I came and kept running away from my new mom and dad but it made me laugh.  I’m more mature now and love doing cool tricks.

People mix Timbit and I up but I have nicer hair and I’m definitely thinner.  Timbit wishes he had hair like me.  Mom always worries about my hooves.

With age comes wisdom and I’ve got LOTS of it.  Nothing gets passed me here, I know everything that’s going on.

  Who do I miss?  Sky, she and I were grooming mates and I had a huge crush on her.  

Fudge was a cool dude too.  I enjoy my surroundings and look forward to gaining more wisdom in the coming years.

Some people call me buddy, some people call me a handsome chunk of chocolate.

All I know is that I love my new home, my people don’t fight like my other ones did and they hug me a lot and give me good food and take me on fun walks.  

I really miss Daisy but they said they’re looking for another buddy for me.  Life’s good!

Sky and I were like the earth mothers here…I miss her very much.  Frida is a bit earthy too but I think she’s losing it a bit.  Patrick, my son, and I were the first donks here.  We give incredible hugs.  I truly love my mom, she always brushes me and gives me extra food.  My mom should brush HER hair more often. 

I’m living my best life now.

So I love my mom, Annabelle, SOOOOO much.  And my 2 legged mom is cool too.  There’s another guy here that looks a lot like me, Stan, he’s cool but way younger than me.  My mom uses this clicker thing and treats me a lot. It’s pretty fun.  I love my head being held, it makes me happy.  I love staring at people I really like. They love when I hug them with my head on their shoulders.

The others say I’m hard to get to know but I just say ask me anything, I’ll tell you.  I love my mom but everyone knows she’s going bonkers. 

I think my best assets are my long dainty legs. 

I have pretty great eyes too.  I’m pretty zen about my new life here. Peace.

Ok, this is how it is.  My mom is my world.  She can’t resist me.  I look and feel like a panther.  I once spent a couple of nights in a tree, I was scared but I didn’t let anyone know until Molly, the white dog found me. 

I don’t wander out there anymore.  Murray is immature and very annoying. Dottie’s my girlfriend, she’s very pretty but she is a bit chunky. 

With age comes wisdom and I’ve got LOTS of it.  Nothing gets passed me here, I know everything that’s going on.  Who do I miss?  Sky, she and I were grooming mates and I had a huge crush on her.  

Fudge was a cool dude too.  I enjoy my surroundings and look forward to gaining more wisdom in the coming years.

Hi everybody!  I’m big and strong and I love playing with Milo, sometimes I wonder if I irritate him but I don’t think so.  My mom Dottie is too fat and I like to tease her…but I love her.  I’ve met a lot of not so fun creatures from the woods and sometimes I get a bit scared but then I get over it because I love my home.

  The big guys like when I hang out with them on their hay bag when they’re eating…I love the sound of them chewing. 

So I had a mom and she died suddenly and then Ellie and I were taken to this place with a LOT of other animals.  This lady came 3 days later and took me to her farm with all these creatures I’ve never seen before.  I’m in heaven!  I’m never on a leash, I go wherever my mom goes which is everywhere… Barney is goofy but fun to play with.  Some people think I’m intense…I love catching everything!

I am the most precious creature on the farm…according to my dad.  I love my couches and I hate vacuum cleaners.

Sometimes I venture onto a big pumpkin in the garden and lounge in the sun and other times I like to say hi to the big creatures in the back.

I think Milo is very handsome.

All I know is that I was at this farm with my little lady and there was rumour of me becoming veal.  This human came to my farm to get some hens.  She saw me and I put my big head in the overall lady’s hands and knew she couldn’t resist me.  So here I am surrounded by tall and small creatures. 

They all love me and like when I head butt them.  I’m 8 months old.  I think I have a really handsome face especially my eyes.

I’m a very striking, dazzling whitish standardbred mare…I’m really tall too.  I had A LOT of babies taken from me and then I was really skinny and put in this horrible pen.  

I feel and look much better now.  I’m slowly starting to not mind Freddie and Binks being in love with me. 

My mom scratches me and massages me and is helping me get out of my shell.

So I’m in my early to mid 30s.  I’m a standardbred but a bit smaller than the boys, I’m the same colour as Freddie.  I worked all my life with a buggy stuck to me and then I was taken from standing in a field with no food or water and brought to this place where I eat ANY time I want and I don’t have to trot on scary roads.

When someone new comes Mom asks me to hang out with them first before anyone else.  I’m that kinda guy.  I love Charlie, he’s cool.

My mom named me after an artist who had really bushy eyebrows like me. I have super long ears.  It’s true, I sometimes feel slightly ‘off’ mentally.

But I’ve got my shit together, I may be old but I’m no quitter.  I loved eating all mom’s trees she planted and I love willow bark. 

And lots of food…all the time….I love brushes…all the time..and affection..a lot.

I’m only 4!  I look like Patty but bigger, I’m Big Patty.  Parker likes hanging out with me and I think that’s cool because he’s really old.  I guess I was a bit intimidated when I got here.  

There’s so many of us!  I like hanging out with the big guys, they’re so fast!  I want to be that fast so I watch them a lot and follow them everywhere.  I think I bug Tilda.

I have the best smile here and I smile a lot because I feel happy and joyful and playful.  I love my food and everyone else’s, especially the cows who bugged me at first but now they’re funny. 

I love when I’m included in everything because everyone loves me.  I think I’m a little too chubby but I think it looks good on me and doesn’t slow me down. 

I’m big boned.  Mags and I are like twins.

My mom died giving birth to me and the rest or the cows didn’t want me so I was in a little place with Carl who has huge eyes and likes me a lot.  I was pretty shy at this new place but everyone’s nice and I love that I can walk everywhere even if there are ropes up…I just walk right through them. 

My new mom likes to brush me and tell me I’m special.  And Carl…not everyone likes your head butts especially our new mom.

I’m officially adopted by my mom.  She even made me a certificate!  I think I look like a deer in the forest.  I was pretty shy and unsure of myself at first but now I really fit in. 

I might want to have a halter on me like the other boys and carry mom around.  I’m the second youngest here…except for those cows, they’re babies!

ND - Team Newt

Who says little donkeys with little ears aren’t tough and sassy?  I may be on the small side but I’m fast and sparky. 

I like hanging by myself a lot but I don’t mind Patty and Ann, I think Tucker is ultra cool and Jess is majestic. 

I love it here but I wish mom got goats and not those cows!

Hall of Fame

I lived my best life here. I’m not bragging to say that I was the heart and soul of this place.  I was 22 yrs, a chestnut thoroughbred. I had oodles of energy and I had fun jumping anything.

My mom and I had many riding adventures too.  I was known to be an excellent groomer to the donkeys.  Everyone came to me for advice on everything from romance to farm drama.  Colic got me.  My mom is still devastated. 

My mom told me I was the best, most beautiful dog she’d ever known.

I was left on the side of a highway when I was really young and I ended up here.

I went on awesome canoe trips, swam in lakes, roamed the forests. I lived a full life.

Cole and I were living way up high in a building and now we’re surrounded by so many creatures and a LOT of space! My new mom says I can look at but not touch chipmunks, squirrels, mice, voles, and birds….I didn’t even know these cool beings existed! 

I now follow my mom and the dogs out through the woods, she gets mad but I don’t care.  Of all the cats, Murray is the most handsome, he’s a bit scary when he looks at me but I think he likes me.  Dottie is massive but I think she’s really cool.  I’m happy to be outside with my little bell on.

Chickens & Ducks

There have been a number of us that have met a coyote, mink, hawk but we had ultimate freedom, running and scratching and pecking…

we had really good food everyday.
Team - Chicken 500x500 px Webp

Humans didn’t know what kind of animal I was.  I was a horse, smaller than Binks and bigger than Charlie…I was really really hairy.  I had 3 of the best years of my life here.  I came here having 30 plus years behind my belt. I had many tough years. 

I was skinny when i got here but my hearing was good enough to hear my mom calling me to come eat, from way down at the barn.  

I got to roam anywhere I wanted and I had some good buddies.  I died happy.

Someone found me in a field.  I was all alone and my family was dead.  These people brought me to this magical place that became my home.  It took me a very long time to understand that I didn’t have to worry or be afraid, I would always be fed and I got to sleep outside with flowers all around me.

  I loved the boys but I don’t think big Dottie liked me too much.  I was here for 4 years and then I got a covid virus and my mom decided to let me go to sleep so I didn’t feel any more pain. 

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