Owner's Bio

Nick's Bio

My mom always used to say ‘find your passion!’  For some reason, I was irritated with those words…maybe because I hadn’t yet.  I tried a LOT of jobs that took me on many journeys. 

This by far has been the most challenging, rewarding and emotionally exhausting career of my life so far.  I’ve been able to incorporate some lessons I learned along the way, one being Freedom within Limits.. from my Montessori days. 

Retirement is out of the picture and so is worrying about the future of the farm but I’m ok with that.

Rogie's Bio

My whole life has been filled with jobs and pursuits that had the common theme of being outdoors.

So moving to a farm was a natural progression, however I didn’t anticipate how fulfilling it would be on so many levels.

Life on a farm with all these animals has been the pinnacle of job and life satisfaction.  

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We offer a large range of workshops from Clicker Training, Bee Keeping and Foraging


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We offer the milling of dimensional and live edge lumber.  We provide new and reclaimed wood and offer custom millwork.


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