Paddock Paradise

When we moved to this farm the landscape was a blank slate. Animals hadn’t seen this place in 20 years. We had all of the staples at the farm to make sure whoever came to us would be safe and well fed on the land we turned from corn to lush pasture.

Then I heard about Paddock Paradise and my vision turned upside down.

The concept was simple…mimic a wild horse environment. The execution was…less simple. I first had to create a track, vary the footings and then create obstacles. My husband thought I was nuts when I told him we needed to rip up what we had just seeded in pasture grass. But it had to be done if we wanted the natural effect.

We have mini horses, mini donkeys, big donkeys and big horses….all with different needs. Lush grass is a big no no for mini horses and donkeys and big horses wouldn’t come across lush pastures in the wild. This in mind we resurfaced the track with small strips of grass, screenings, dirt, and wood chips…..and some fun obstacles for them to moving around and jump over.

Paddock Paradise was the brainchild of Jaime Jackson, a farrier and wild horse expert. This idea of horses moving on a track to forage, look for water, roll around as they stroll for hours at a time, stimulates them physically, mentally and emotionally. This was exactly what I was looking for. And it’s slowly coming together. The creation is constantly evolving and I’m reaping the rewards of seeing them chasing each other, exploring and looking happy and healthy.

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